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As your preferred H2S safety service provider, Rutledge chooses our partners carefully to ensure that you will receive reliable equipment to compliment the impeccable services offered by our team.


  • BW Technologies

    Blackline Safety

    As an official distributor for Blackline Safety, Rutledge is pleased to bring to our customers new offerings in wireless gas detection, Lone Worker & Evacuation Technology

  • BW Technologies

    BW Technologies

    As an authorized distributor for BW gas detection equipment, Rutledge is proud to bring to our customers field-proven reliable portable monitoring instruments that are small and powerful at a low-cost.

  • Detcon

    Detcon Inc. by Teledyne

    Teledyne is a leader in the manufacturing of Gas Detection Equipment. Teledyne technology and solutions had been in use in the most difficult and challenging industrial environment.




    SCOTT Health & Safety is part of Tyco and is a significant manufacturer of respiratory protective devices renown for durability and dependability. Whenever escape and rescue apparatus are mentioned, the name SCOTT spring up in the mind of everyone…

  • Bauer


    Bauer is known for manufacturing reliable, top of the range compressors. These includes industrial air and gas compressors, mobile and stationary breathing air compressors, processing, storage and distribution systems…

  • Coltri


    Aerotenica Coltri (Italy) has over 40 years of experience making high precision and highly reliable high pressure compressors for breathing air and technical gases. Coltri compressors are distinguished…

  • Air Cascade

    Air Cascade

    Our cascades are fitted with high pressure whip c/w ball valve that allows refilling of cascade without leakage, even during operation. Each cascade cylinder comes standard with 300 cubic feet of air at 2,400psi…

Removal Solution



    AMGAS had a line up of patented emission control scrubbers, ScrubberMax. With over 20 years of proven service, ScrubberMax scrubbers are safely and reliably deployed in applications of varying gas…

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