Air Quality Monitoring Equipment & Services

Rutledge provides a new generation of air quality monitoring systems with these capabilities:

  • First class air quality measurement at hot spots or any other point of interest utilising turnkey systems features taht enable cost effective monitoring by a much larger community of users as it is simple to set up, operate and maintain.
  • Gather air quality data more quickly with the world’s first out of the box plug and play compact multi gas air quality monitoring system.
  • Measure anywhere you want due to very compact dimensions.
  • Measure a wide variety of pollutants in a modular platform with up to seven ambient air analyzers measuring CO, NO, NO2, NOX, O3, SO2, H2S, VOC, and new PM10 and PM2.5 as well as a variety of Indoor Air Quality Sensors. Tailor it to your specific needs with our unique SIP sensor interface platform.
  • Access the monitoring and raw data without special software. Standard internet connection and web browser will do.


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Rutledge Assurances

Rutledge’s engineers did a very professional job at short notice. Rutledge’s overall response at short notice was commendable and their efforts helped us achieved a successful result.