Rutledge provides 2 major services when it comes to removal of H2S and hazardous emissions: Emission Control Solutions and Firefly Solution (Sour Gas Well Blowout Ignition).


AMGAS Emission Control Solutions


We provide the highest quality emission control solution developed by AMGAS. Using a patented chemical/mechanical process, noxious vapors are eliminated prior to being released to the atmosphere.

We have available for rent: Stationary Gas Scrubbers, Truck Scrubber, High Gas Rate Scrubbers. Used in conjunction with AMGAS’s Absorbital series of chemicals, our H2S scrubbers offers safe, efficient and cost-effective solutions for controlling hazardous/H2S emissions. We also offer liquid stage removal of H2S with the Corvidal series of H2S scavenger. Applications of AMGAS scrubbers are typical but not restricted to:

  • Venting storage tanks during completion, operations & well-testing;
  • Loading & transportation of sour liquids;
  • Purging of vessels and pipelines;
  • Wellhead, pipelines, pig sender & receivers bleed off;
  • Vacuum truck emissions; industrial processing;
  • Plant turnaround services;
  • Venting settling tanks for UBD.

Contact us to find out how we can solve your emissions problem.


Firefly Safety


Rutledge is proud to have in our offering the FireFly Blowout Ignition System or the “FireFly” solution, a unique solution aimed to ignite uncontrolled escaping gases during a blowout. Public concern as well as your commitment to safety has created a need for a special class of safety equipment that deals with prevention of H2S from building up to toxic levels during a blowout situation. With FireFly, your sour gas well can be ignited safely and critical well safety is assured.
During an uncontrolled blowout, the FireFly will be activated, and ample warning and escape time will be given to allow for execution of the contingency plan. Once the FireFly discharges, the uncontrolled escaping gases are ignited, effectively killing sour gas well. The ensuring flame allows the resulting SO2 rise to the wind currents where it will be dispersed off safely over a very large area. If you are drilling a sour gas well near populated areas, speak to us on how we may help you in making strong your commitment to safety.

  • Time-Delayed Automated Sour Gas Well Ignition Systems
  • FireFly Flare Pit Igniters


Click on the link for the video: FireFly Ignition Test

Rutledge Assurances

Rutledge’s field technician has done an excellent job in repairing our on-site SCBAs. He has carried out the refurbishment in an extremely professional and thorough manner. His knowledge has certainly lifted the awareness of the SCBA units with our operators.