Service Center

At our service center, we perform service and maintenance not only on our own equipment, but also on your equipment. We have a competent team of service engineers and technicians working to ensure that the downtime for our and your equipment is minimal.


We have a DOT (Department of Transport, United States of America) approved re-cylinder qualification facility for Hydrostatic Test / Hydro-testing. Our technicians and engineers are trained and have passed the stringent requirements set by DOT. If you are looking for a DOT certified facility to re-qualify or hydrotest your cylinder, contact us now.

We are an authorized service center for SCOTT breathing apparatus. With our POSI-CHEK system, we are able to service your Breathing Apparatus (BA) in a much shorter time and more reliably. We are also an authorized service center for Honeywell\BW portable gas detection system (Rig Rat III or RR3) and their portable range of detectors (Gamax, Gamax XT, GasAlert Clip, GasAlert mini). Contact us for your needs on repairing SCOTT breathing apparatus and BW detectors.
We are also able to provide services for troubleshoot, repair and maintenance of fire and gas detection systems ranging from simple dual channel controllers to complex PLC-based system to wireless systems from diverse manufacturers.  Rutledge is also able to support you in your service and maintenance operations by offering a long-term service contract. On-site survey, installation, commissioning, de-commissioning, troubleshoot and maintenance service calls by our team of qualified engineers are available on request.


Rutledge Assurances

Rutledge’s engineers did a very professional job at short notice. Rutledge’s overall response at short notice was commendable and their efforts helped us achieved a successful result.