‘Confined Space Entry & Rescue Training’, contact time: 15-hours

Our (2-days) ‘Confined Space Entry & Rescue’ training program covers the mandatory clauses written within Singapore Standard SS568:2011 (formerly CP84:2000), and Singapore Standard SS562:2010. Course plan ensures provision of adequate training in confined space rescue operations, with intensive practical training using our 20- footer confined space simulator container. Training identifies the competency of the rescue team to perform onsite confined space rescue without any time delay. Their readiness ensures quick response to incident ensuring success on the event.

We also cover training on rendering 1st aid and CPR (mandatory field SS568:2011) onto confined space victims, roles and responsibilities of attendant, entrant and supervisors, confined space entry and rescue equipment hands-on (mandatory field SS568:2011), and also on documentation (ie. PTW, Gas Report, Checklist, etc.).

Course Plan wraps-up with training on correct use of breathing apparatuses, and conducting gas-check using ‘portable gas detectors’.

Program consists of a 2-in-1 RESCUE PROGRAM (ie. 20-foot ‘Container Simulator’ plus ‘Deep-Trenching Rescue’)

Procedure for Confined Space & Entry Rescue Training


 1. Planning an entry into a confined space, to rescue an Injured Person (IP).  2. Rescue Team # 1 conducts gas-check before entering tank to commence rescue.
 3. Rescue Team # 2 on standby.  4. Injured Person (IP) found.
 5. Coordinated recovery of IP.  6. Standby to receive IP.
 7. IP brought out to safety.

Rutledge Assurances

Thank all in Rutledge who played a part in caring about others enough to work in a manner that, ‘Nobody Gets Hurt’ – no cuts, no bruises, no medical treatment required, no lost time, no pain.

—Exxon Mobil