SOGAT 2012

Rutledge participated together with AMGAS in the SOGAT 2012 Exhibition held from the 26th to 29th of March. Sour Oil & Gas Advanced Technology or SOGAT is the annual gathering of the best brains for Sour Oil and Gas technology in the Oil & Gas industry.The event drew delegates from all over the world to Abu Dhabi.
Workshops were held during the period to discuss on topics such as “H2S Safety”, “Sulphur Recovery”, “Sour Gas Treatment and Effective Management” and much more. Rutledge and AMGAS were also privileged to have a booth in the exhibition to showcase our products, services and share our experiences with all the other delegates present.
Our recent tie-up with AMGAS was announced and made known officially during SOGAT. AMGAS has licensed its technology and capabilities to Rutledge in the Middle East and North African (MENA) region. Rutledge is now able to provide AMGAS’ proven technology in H2S Removal to all our clients in the MENA region. ( Click here to view announcement in SOGAT Magazine )
Through participation of SOGAT and similar events, we hope to share our 30 over years of experience with the rest of the industry.

Rutledge Assurances

Our site has always been a well with a high potential for encountering H2S. We have, until now, had three occasions when H2S has been detected in both drilling and testing operations. We have been very pleased to observe that the response of your crews to these alarms, and also to the various fire/H2S drills held, has been excellent. Our special thanks go to WDI, Rutledge and Hart in supervising/coordinating both the drills and events.